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High on Home Grown, The Stoners Podcast

Sep 2020

Harvesting Cannabis Plants, Cancard with Carly Barton, Cannabis News and Events

In the weeks episode of High on Home Grown, we will be discussing harvesting cannabis plants. From how to know your cannabis plant is ready for harvest, to preventing bud rot, and increasing terpene production.

This weeks interview is with Carly Barton, the person behind Cancard, the UK's first medical cannabis card. Carly was also the first legal cannabis prescription holder in the UK.


Of course we have our weekly cannabis news and events, Strain of the Week, Truth or spoof, and live Q n A!

Sep 2020

How to Increase the Yield of a Cannabis Plant, LED Lighting with Shane from Migro

In this weeks episode, the panel discuss how to get the best yield from a cannabis plant. From what food to feed flowering plants, to the best lighting and pot sizes. We will also discuss training techniques to improve the yield of your crops.

This weeks interview is with Shane Torpey from Migro, the YouTube channel and lighting manufacturer. We talk about LED lighting, and his new range of LED grow lights. We also talk about his YouTube Channel and how it has grown to become one of the most trusted grower review channels on Youtube.


Sep 2020

Medical Cannabis with Dr Peter Grinspoon, Cannabis Slang and Terminology, Weekly Weed News

In this weeks episode, we discuss Medical Cannabis with Dr Peter Grinspoon. Dr Grinspoon is an Author, and Instructor at Harvard Medical School. We talk about how cannabis has effected his life, and how cannabis helped him over come addiction. Find out more about Dr Grinspoon on his website here:


In the Grow Guides section we will be discussing cannabis slang and terminology. To help you understand some of the terms we use when we are discussing growing cannabis.

Sep 2020

Is the UK about to Legalise Cannabis? Interview with Gary Youd, Flipping Cannabis Plants to Flower, News and Events

In this episode, the panel talk with Gary Youd. Gary is about to open an Amsterdam style coffee shop in Liverpool UK.  He says the war is over, find out more information in this weeks interview. 

Also, we cover the early stages of flowering in the grow guides section, and of course cover the usual weekly news and sections like Famous Stoners, and Stoner Quotes. 

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Sep 2020

Common Grower Mistakes, Interview with Carly Wolf from NORML, Cannabis News and Events

In this weeks episode, we cover our usual weekly sections, such as: Weekly Cannabis news and events, famous stoners you should know, grow guides, interviews and more.

This weeks interview is with a special guest Carly Wolf, from NORML. "NORML’s mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults"

Support NORML, by visiting their website here: https://norml.org/ Don't forget you can download all of our previous episodes on all major podcasting networks


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