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In episode 63 of High on Home Grown, the cannabis podcast, we talk about bud rot. From what it looks like and how it spreads, to the best ways to pre...View Details

We had the chance to speak with Professor Roger Pertwee! He has studied cannabinoids for over 50 years, and was one of the people who discovered THCV!...View Details

In this weeks episode we cover all of our usual sections, and maybe hit the after party if we exceed 60 viewers!! In the cannabis news this week, we h...View Details

Cannabis Bro Science, what's true and what's false? We have a selection of some of the most well known cannabis myths. Throughout grow guides we will ...View Details

Strain of the week, and WTF was that return to the format of the show! Make sure you have listened to last weeks episode to guess the sound! We also s...View Details

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