Cannabis Bro Science, what's true and what's false? We have a selection of some of the most well known cannabis myths. Throughout grow guides we will be discussing each one to figure out which ones actually work.

In cannabis news this week:

Marge: Young adult cannabis consumers nearly twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack, research shows

GB: Lego Going Hemp?

TG: Medical cannabis unlikely to benefit most chronic pain patients

ZN: Italy to allow 4 homegrown cannabis plants

Also in forum news, we talk about the new hidden section on Percys Grow Room and some up coming interview we have!

Strain of the week: This week for strain of the week we will talk to TG about how he made his own Species 8472 strain! He will tell us how it grows, how it tastes, who the parents are and all of the finer details. Straight from the breeder!

Todays interview is with: Jason Reeves Jason uses cannabis for medical use legally in Michigan, but grows his own as the prices are extortionate and he can't afford the medicine. He uses cannabis for a brain injury he had when he was 13. He grow his own outdoors, but has to deal with big animals, and crooked neighbours who try to ruin his grow!

Then of course we end the show with some listener mail.


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