In this weeks episode we cover all of our usual sections, and maybe hit the after party if we exceed 60 viewers!! In the cannabis news this week, we have:

ZN: Uncontrollable vomiting due to marijuana use on rise, study finds

GB: Protest for Cannabis Reform in Ireland News

Marge: The World Anti-Doping Agency to review cannabis banned status

Monkey: Illegal marijuana farms take West's water in 'blatant theft'

In Strain of the week, Monkey will tell us all about Cherry Pie, one of the strains he tried when he was on a break this week.

In grow guides, we will be talking about easy to make cannabis edibles. What can you make, easily. From main courses, to deserts, and drinks. This weeks interview is something special! We had the chance to speak with Professor Roger Pertwee! He has studied cannabinoids for over 50 years, and was one of the people who discovered THCV! An amazing interview with an amazing guest! You will enjoy this one!

Of course the we have listener mail! Where we answer your questions and read out your emails!

f you would like us to answer any of your questions, drop a message in our discord server:


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