What makes a good cannabis grower? Is it yield? Quality? Or jars that are never empty. The panel discuss what makes a good cannabis grower in this episode of HIgh on Home Grown. We also have an interview with cannabis journalist, Matt Lamers. He gives us some crazy insight into crony cannabis capitalism in Canada.

In the news we have:

Monkey South Dakota's Supreme Court rules against legalization of recreational marijuana

ZN: Illicit cannabis seized by OPP laced with pesticides, less THC than advertised

Marge: Lawmakers propose big changes to cannabis compound Delta 8

GB: Malawi defends decision to ask Mike Tyson to be its cannabis ambassador

TG: Uber Eats Cannabis In-App Ordering Now Available

In strain of the week we will take a closer look at one of ZN's favourites, Strawberry Eclair. I hope you enjoy the show everyone!

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