Ever wondered what you can do with leftover trim after harvest? Well, you can easily use it to make your own homemade hash! The panel explains different methods of making hash, and how you can make your own. 

We also have an awesome interview with the host of GrowCast, Jordan River. We find out what new plans Growcast has for the next year! 

Of course we have all the usual sections of our cannabis podcast. Including cannabis news, famous stoners, and listener Q n A. 

In This Weeks Cannabis News and Events

European High court rules CBD safe for use with no psychological effect EU members must comply.

EU high court confirms CBD is not a narcotic

Vote in the U.S is postponed to expunge convictions , as of the candidates views may sway voters ,Will be heard in the full House of representatives mid December , forecast 68% to move forward to the Senate

Bill to decriminalize marijuana at federal level up

CBC CBD CBG CBN Proven again by those Belgians to treat oral hygiene more effectively than proven high street brands

CBG, CBN, CBC & Other Cannabinoids 

Mexico fears rise as cartels not known for the weed especially as there wasn't enough cash in it more than likely will as they have been getting in on petrochemicals and controlling pipelines , and run the avocado farms 

Mexico, plagued by cartel wars, on cusp of legal cannabis

Famous Stoner

American actor and producer Mathew McConaughty

Grow Guides

Making your own hash is much easier than you think, and you can make it out of leftover trim after harvest. The panel explains their methods to making hash, from dry ice hash, bubble hash, and charas.

Strain of the Week

A classic strain that is considered the Holy Grail of indoor cannabis strains, Brothers Grim Cinderella 99

Interview with GrowCasts Jordan River

Jordan River is the host of a cannabis podcast called GrowCast. He is a good friend of the show and has joined us in a previous episode. We catch up with what's new at GrowCast, and what is coming up in the future for GrowCast Members. 

Listener Q n A

Where does the wind come from ?

Are oscillating fans better than static fans in a grow room ?

Stoner Quote

From our good friend, Tommy Chong

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