Only a week into the new year and the Percy panel are onto their 3rd podcast of 2021!  We learn all about two different cropping techniques to improve our yields for free, and we’re treated to a stellar interview with cannabis historian David Bienenstock, one half of Great Moments in Weed History. Podcast. The second instalment of Tangent420 gives us some spirited debate. Macky gets a special delivery and the forum members pull together for the Pod. 

This Week’s Cannabis News

UK catch up… A Jersey based start up, Northern Leaf Ltd, has been granted the 2nd for profit cannabis license by the UK government. 

UK start up secures first permit this century

More positive news for the UK as North Wales Police Commissioner throws his support behind the use of cannabis in prisons. 

UK police boss demands crown prosecution protects cannabis

USA news now… President-elect Joe Biden has provisionally picked Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo to the Dept of Commerce Cabinet position. 

Biden Taps Boston Mayor, Rhode Island Governor for Cabinet

Big data breach at Aurora Cannabis on Christmas Day, kept hush hush until New Year’ve Eve! Employees let go at the start of the pandemic have also had their data stolen.

Aurora Cannabis hit by 'cybersecurity incident' 

Forum News:

Our exalted helmsman was in for a treat this weekend when an enormous box arrived at the front door. What could it be? A new fridge? A Shetland pony? Nay… It was “PC Hench” reporting for duty!! A hugely generous gesture from a group of forum admins/members led by Zombie Nation to say thank you to Macky for all the hard work he has put into creating our community. No more mid stream drop outs, no more ranting at inanimate objects… just smooth sailing from here. Cheers Macky!!! 

Forum software is due to be updated in the not too distant.

The forum accept Macky’s call to arms: Macky recently asked if a few forum members could share the workload and get descriptions written for older podcasts. The uptake was incredible and the panel thank everyone for their efforts  

DubbleBluff takes on writing the descriptions for the future podcasts, what someone will do for a bit of forum ‘bling’ under their name. Although, it is pretty damn cool: A peacock feather and an ink well. Cheers Macky!!!  

Famous Stoner:

London rapper and cannabis Activist - Dean West (Black the Ripper) RIP

Grow Guides: Super & Monster Cropping Cannabis Plants.  

Today we hear about “super-cropping’ and ‘monster-cropping” cannabis plants. The panel share their experiences and take the mysteries out of two techniques which have left even the more veteran grower too confused and afraid to attempt. Listen out for GB’s medical grade technique for breaking branches whilst keeping the skin intact… Just be thankful he’s not your doctor. 

Strain of the Week: 

Barney’s Farm - Doctor Grinspoon: a legendary 100% sativa strain that is rarer than hen’s teeth. 


David Bienenstock - Great Moments in Weed History

This week the panel have a smoke and a chat with Cannabis Historian and fellow podcaster David “Bean” Bienenstock. If you’re into your history and want to learn more about how and why we smoke then this will be right up your street. David’s mission is to preserve the cultural history of cannabis before it get’s washed over by big business. 

Tangent420: Is Covid man made? 

20minutes of classic stoner conspiracy and brain melting theories. The panel get their heads around the current pandemic and whether it came from a lab?  

Stoner Quote:

 From Terrance McKenna

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