Scrogging cannabis plants is a great way to make the most out of your grow space. It keeps an even canopy and allows every part of your plant to get a...View Details

Here is our interview with Dr Callie Seaman. Monkey and Macky sit down with Callie to talk about the state of UK cannabis law, her work with GW Pharma...View Details

In this week's episode of Cannabis News, we cover the following stories: Monkey: Laura Ingraham Hunts for Link Between Pot and Mass Shootings | Macky:...View Details

In this episode we talk about low stress training cannabis plants. From when to start training and when to stop, to what to use to LST and the best tr...View Details

In this weeks interview we have a cool laid back conversation with Chris from Mr Grow It. Mr Grow It is a youtube channel that teaches people how to g...View Details

We have lots of good news this week, and joining us for this episode we have Chad Westport! We discuss the following new stories: Monkey: California M...View Details

Topping Cannabis Plants is a great way to increase yield, especially when growing cannabis indoors. In this grow guides we cover everything you need t...View Details

In this interview we have a chilled conversation with our good friend Jack Green Stalk. Jack is an author, and has recently published a book called 50...View Details

In this week's episode of Cannabis News we cover the following stories: Monkey tells us about Delaware Governor And Congressional Lawmakers Condemn Dr...View Details

In this grow guides episode we talk about the best temperature and humidity for cannabis plants. We cover what the best levels are for different stage...View Details

This week we have an epic interview with Ben Bowlin, from Stuff They Don't Want You to Know. STDWYTK is one of my favourite podcasts that I listen to ...View Details

In this weeks cannabis news we cover the following stories: Monkey: New York Senator Files Bill To Allow Community Cannabis Gardens For Adults Who Can...View Details

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