In this week's grow guides we talk about grow mediums. Choosing which type of grow medium to start a cannabis grow in can be a difficult task, so we b...View Details

If you are wondering what to do if you are pulled over by the police, then this episode has some great information for you. Marc Wasserman is a lawyer...View Details

In this weeks cannabis news we talk about a study that shows Forms of CBD, CBG May Prevent COVID-19 Infection. We have a follow up from Mississippi wh...View Details

In the episode of grow guides we talk about the basic equipment you need to grow cannabis at home. This ranges from growing outdoors, to growing in a ...View Details

Rachel's son Baileys has suffered with epilepsy since he was 2 years old. Her family tried all of the medicines that were available to them to help re...View Details

In cannabis news this week we talk about a campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri, and how public interests in delta-8 products are r...View Details

For the first of the series of Grow Guides, we talk about planning your first cannabis grow. What you need to consider before buying the equipment and...View Details

We have the pleasure to speak with Jesse Lavoie from Toba Grown! Not many people know that across Canada, you are legally allowed to grow 4 plants rec...View Details

In this weeks cannabis news we discuss Astronauts Celebrate Growing Peppers for the First Time. A study shows cannabis plants may absorb carcinogeni...View Details

Swami Chaitanya is also known as “The Swami of Pot”. He and his wonderful wife Nikki joins us for an awesome interview that you will no doubt enjoy li...View Details

In this week's episode we offer advice to anyone who is learning who to grow cannabis for personal use. It is the yearly round up for grow guides and ...View Details

Macky has run out of weed and decided it is time to take a tolerance break and quit smoking tobacco. So this show will be a little different ;) In the...View Details

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