This week we talk about dry ice hash, how you can make your own, and if dry ice hash is better than bubble hash. It is very easy to make hash out of t...View Details

A special episode this week, we have reached our 50th show!! A huge milestone, thank you to everyone who downloads the show and follows us every week!...View Details

We discuss Terpenes, bongs, how to get seeds in Australia, and we have an awesome interview with Jesse Lavoie. Jesse is from Manitoba, Canada. He is t...View Details

Here is our full interview with Breeder Steve! We had Steve on the show a while ago, and everyone really enjoyed the interview. But on the main show, ...View Details

In this episode we take a close look at buffering coco. When should you buffer coco, and how to do it. We check out Stooties grow diary. His first gro...View Details

We answer some of the questions that have been sent to us from our listeners. Including how to hide your grow during a house inspection, and how to ca...View Details

For this episode we are joined by Martin Condon from Martins World podcast. He joins us live on the panel, and during the interview! We talk about his...View Details

We are on a break this week, but we didn't want you all to have no episode to listen to. So we hooked up with our friend Earl Carruthers to record a s...View Details

Today we go into depth on creating your own organic living soil. We learn from Temple Growers grow diary, and discuss how to build your own soil in mo...View Details

Grow Guides is about different methods of hydroponics, like DWC Ebb and Flow and Aeroponics. In grow diaries we take a closer look at Monkeydo's LA pe...View Details

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