This is the last episode of season 1! We dive straight in with an interview with Jorge Cervantes in this special episode. We also bring you cannabis n...View Details

We discuss how to flush cannabis plants and when you should flush. In the interview we speak with Joanne Griffiths. Joanne's son Ben suffers with epil...View Details

We talk to Shane Torpey from Migro about his new UV lights and how they affect cannabis plants. In the grow guides we talk about nitrogen and cannabis...View Details

The growing season approaches for the northern hemisphere, and the guerrilla grows should begin soon! We give you some tips and tricks to make sure yo...View Details

We speak to a Member of the European Parliament, Luke Ming Flanagan. He is a cannabis user and activist from Ireland who is well known for sending a j...View Details

A very special interview this week with Hannah Deacon. Hannah's son Alfie Dingley, suffers with a rare form of epilepsy. Hannah has campaigned across ...View Details

We continue the cannabis podcast bugs series and move onto to Aphids! The panel has a great discussion with Steve DeAngelo, a legend from the cannabis...View Details

This week, we continue to talk about bugs on cannabis plants. Todays subject is thrips! They can be a horrible pest to deal with, so we discuss how to...View Details

In this episode, we will cover the adversary of all cannabis growers, the dreaded spider mite. From what spider mites look like, to how to kill them, ...View Details

In episode 32 of our cannabis podcast, we talk about hermaphrodite cannabis plants. How to identify them early, and what to do if you find one in your...View Details

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