In this episode we discuss pH and Cannabis Plants. pH is a major factor when you grow cannabis plants in soil or hydro! It is important to know what p...View Details

Tommy Chong returns to our cannabis podcast for another session! We talk about JFK, how to make your own feminised cannabis seeds, and have a special ...View Details

What are the best pots for cannabis plants? Plastic, or fabric? 3 litres or 3 gallons? We discuss pots in grow guides, and answer any questions you mi...View Details

Super cropping cannabis plants is a technique some growers use to manipulate plant growth and get bigger yields. It is considered advanced cannabis gr...View Details

Learn how to take cuttings from cannabis plants to preserve the genetics of your favourite strains. The panel discussed simulation theory in the new s...View Details

This is the last episode of our cannabis podcast for 2020! We discuss what products have caught our eye this year. From best grow tent for growing can...View Details

We drop the structure, and just get high on home grown! A Christmas special where we discuss our favourite Christmas movies and music, and have some s...View Details

In this show, we talk about how to roll joints and spliffs. Each smoker has their own way, and the panel debate who has the best technique. Filter fir...View Details

In this episode of our cannabis podcast, we talk about how to clean your grow room. Keeping a clean grow rom will help prevent pests and mould getting...View Details

In this episode the panel tell you why you should join Percys Grow Room. Percys Grow Room is a cannabis growers forum and website, that has one of the...View Details

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