We have lots of good news this week, and joining us for this episode we have Chad Westport! We discuss the following new stories: Monkey: California Marijuana Retailers '100 Percent' Compliant In Checking IDs To Prevent Youth Access | Macky: Father caught with £10,000 of cannabis spared jail after cancer patients defend his 'life-saving treatment | Bubble: Australian study finds cannabis provides relief for chronic pain sufferers | Chad: Marijuana Companies Teaming Up To Sue Federal Government With All-Star Legal Firm, Multi-State Operator CEO Says | Marge: Man arrested after giving unsuspecting coworkers edibles.

A pretty good week for cannabis news! If you have some cannabis news stories you would like us to cover in a future episode, let us know by emailing us, or finding us on your favourite social network. Thanks as always for listening, I hope you enjoy the show. 

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