In this week's cannabis news episode we cover the following stories: Monkey: DC Mayor Signs Bill To Let Medical Marijuana Patients Self-Certify Without Doctors, Sidestepping Federal Blockade | Macky: UK medical cannabis model “inadequate” and “unsustainable” for patients | Bubble: Scooby doobie don't: Customs dogs don't sniff out weed at border any more | Marge: Health Canada: No new cannabis beverage regulations before fall 2022

#If you have any stories you would like us to cover in next week's cannabis news then please send them to us via social media, or find us on the forum at Percys Grow Room. Here you can message Macky, Monkey and Bubble Hok and we will add your news story to next week's show notes. Thanks as always for downloading the show, I hope you enjoy this episode. 

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