In this weeks interview we have the pleasure of speaking with Madame Cannoli, who is the wife of the late Frenchy Cannoli who we all know as the King of Hash! We talk about the new documentary called "Frenchy Dreams of Hashish" which will be screened across the USA very soon! We also talk about a new book that Frenchy was working on before he passed away, that is now being completed by Madame Cannoli in Frenchy's honour. 

Frenchy is sorely missed by his friends and family and the cannabis community. It is good to know his legacy will live on in all of us and through the work Madame Cannoli is doing in the world of hash making. I hope you enjoy the interview, and I hope you all get the chance to see the documentary! 

Thanks as always for downloading and listening to the show, please share this episode if you can! Lets get more people High on Home Grown

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