High on Home Grown is a cannabis podcast for growers and stoners. Keep up to date with cannabis news from around the world, learn how to grow cannabis with weekly grow guides, and listen to some amazing interviews with big names in the cannabis world.

An international panel of cannabis growers come together every week to bring you a podcast for stoners, made by stoners. Every episode is not only funny and entertaining, but also packed full of quality information, from experienced cannabis growers.

If you’re looking for a podcast to listen to whilst you’re high, or a podcast for learning how to grow cannabis, then High on Home Grown is for you. You will laugh and learn a lot. High on Home Grown is not just a cannabis podcast, it is a weekly session with friends that everyone is welcome to join. So download an episode, roll something special, and start getting High on Home Grown.


High on Home Grown, Cannabis Podcast Structure

Each episode of High on Home Grown is divided up into sections. This brings a good balance of stoner entertainment and information. The show streams live on the High on Home Grown YouTube ChannelFacebook Group, and Twitch Stream, every Sunday.

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Introduction to the Panel

At the start of the show, we are introduced to the panel. The panel from High on Home Grown is made up of cannabis growers from all around the world. They are all experienced growers and part of the admin team at Percys Grow Room. Not only are these guys experienced in many different growing styles, but they are also good friends, who enjoy recording this cannabis podcast, every week. The panel hold true to the name of the show, and attend every episode high on their own home grown.

There are five members of the panel for each show

Macky, Percys Grow Room, Cannabis Growers Forum, High on Home Grown Panel,
Monkey, Percys Grow Room, Cannabis Growers Forum, Cannabis Podcast
Green Beard, Percys Grow Room, Cannabis Growers Forum, Irish Cannabis Grower,
Green Beard
Zombie Nation, Percys Grow Room, Cannabis Growers Forum,
Zombie Nation
Temple Grower, Percys Grow Room, Cannabis Growers Forum, High on Home Grown Panel, Stoners Podcast
Temple Grower


News and Events

After the introduction, we move straight into Cannabis News and Events. Each member of the panel brings a cannabis news story from around the world. Keep up to date with cannabis law reform, activism, scientific breakthroughs and much more. Find out what happened in the world of cannabis in this weeks episode.

Famous Stoners

 In this section, we discuss famous stoners. From cannabis activist, authors and breeders, to movies stars musicians and entrepreneurs. The idea of this section is to let you get to know the people who spearheaded the cannabis movement. There are many people who break that stereotypical stoner stereo type, learn about many of them in this section of our podcast for stoners.

Grow Guides

No cannabis podcast is complete without a grow guides section. For 15-20 minutes, the panel will discuss how to grow cannabis. Our High on Home Grown Grow Guides will take you step by step through your own grow. From episode 1, until this weeks show, every podcast is packed full of information to help you learn how to grow your own supply of cannabis.

Ask questions to the panel live on Sundays, or email them directly at Highonhomegrown@gmail.com

If there is a subject you would like the panel to discuss, then of course you can also let us know in our cannabis growers forum

Strain of the Week

There are thousands of cannabis strains to choose from. It can be difficult to decide which ones are the best! In strain of the week, the panel tell you about the best cannabis strains. From classic old school strains, to the newest hottest flavours. If you’re looking for a new cannabis strain to try, then Strain of the Week can help you decide which one is the best for you.

High on Home Grown Interview

The High on Home Grown panel has sat down and got high, with some of the biggest names in the cannabis world. These interviews are different to most podcasts for stoners. They are relaxed, and easy going. More like friends sitting around a table in a coffee shop, having a friendly catch up. Each interview is informative, entertaining and perfect section of the podcast to listen to when you’re high.

Check out some of the guest who have joined High on Home Grown

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WTF was That?

In our cannabis growers forum, we have a competition called, “WTF was that”. In this competition, we play a 5 seconds sound byte. The first person to identify the sound wins, and that’s what is played on High on Home Grown here. 

A new random sound is played, every episode, if you can guess what the sound is and answer correctly in the WTF was That Prize Pool Thread, you win the prize pool! More prizes are added to the prize pool if the sounds goes unsolved. So check out what’s for grabs in the prize pool right now, and let us know WTF that sound was.  

Tangent 4 20

At this point in the show, everyone is pretty high, and it is time to go deep with the discussions. The panel go off on a tangent for 20 minutes and discuss random topics like, Simulation Theory, Time Travel, Conspiracies, Philosophy and Science. The subject changes every week, and the countdown begins again. When the 20 minute countdown is over, so is the discussion.

High on Home Grown Truth or Spoof

Can you identify the spoof? Three statements are made, 2 of them are true, and one of them is false. Macky gives the panel 1 minute each to decide which one is the spoof. 

Which panel member can get the most right over the year? Can you tell which of the statements are false? See if you can find the spoof more times than the panel!

Stoner Quote of the Week

To wrap up the show, we give you a stoner quote of the week. It may be profound, it may be comical, but it will end the show on a light note. 


At the end, we are told what is going to be happening next week, and informed of any new competitions or updates from Percys Grow Room. Everyone who watches the show live and comments in chat gets a shout out. But if you can’t make it live, then email the panel and you can get a shout out on the show too.

Tune into High on Home Grown, Cannabis Podcast Live!

High on Home Grown airs live EVERY SUNDAY across many different platforms. You can find the show on:

High on Home Grown, Starting Time across Time Zones

  • UK & Ireland: 9pm
  • Central Time: 3pm
  • EST USA / Canada: 4pm
  • PDT USA/ Canada: 1pm

If you are unable to join the show live, then you can also download new episode on Tuesdays, from all major podcasting networks, and even at the top of this post!

You can also find all of our episodes in the section of our cannabis growers forum labelled “High on Home Grown”. In this section, you will find other threads relating to the podcast. Here you can ask questions about the show, give your answer to WTF was that, and ask for any help if you need it. 

Head to the High on Home Grown Section

Downloading High on Home Grown, The Cannabis Podcast

You can find our cannabis podcast on all major podcasting networks. If you already use a podcasting app, just search for “High on Home Grown” and you will find it. Alternatively, click any of these links below to find us on your favourite network.

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Download our Cannabis Podcast Today! !

High on Home Grown is a cannabis podcast. It is designed and structured for stoner and cannabis growers like you to chill, and enjoy listening to something. We hope you find it entertaining and informative. 

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